WHAT ARE WE ABOUT........... a difficult question to answer..

It all started in 1996, as a means of helping the various Beaver Colonies and districts throughtout Kent to celebrate " The 10th Anniversary of Beavers", which had the theme of "Let's Party".

The concept for Kent Scouts was to take the party to the Beavers rather than have them come to a central location, which they had done regularly as a County over the years. Travelling often meant that some colonies could not participate, and the Roadshow gave the potential of allowing districts to have their own event, where and when they wanted, and therefore involve a larger number of children.

Sponsorship from local businesses was sought, and a box trailer was borrowed, and after a lot of hard work by a lot of people the basic concept of the Roadshow as you see it today was born. The Roadshow has included action songs such as Agadoo, Macerina, Bridy Song, and a variety of games.

Due to the great success of that year, the "Let's Party Roadshow" changed its name and had a revamp to make it appropriate to Cubs, Scouts and even Explorers as they are now, and it became "The Hullabaloo Roadshow".

The Roadshow has remained an interactive party for children and young people (adults as well) but has expanded to include Karaoke, with a DVD to take away and Circus Skills.

During a typical year, the Roadshow travels to approximately 70-90 events lasting from 1 hour to a whole day. They range from Group, District, County Events to Fetes and Publicity Events. The majority of these are for Scouting based events, but some are for private functions, to help with the funding, which relies totally on our sponsors, but all of our events raise the profile of Scouting, and in particular Kent Scouts.

Scouting can be proud of the commitment and enthusiasm shown by the Roadshow Crew, in their enthusiasm and encouragement they give to the young people they meet at each and every event.




If you are an Explorer Scout and you would like to join the crew, then please email our bookings address and one of us will get back to you